"Archers attack their enemies from long distances with sharp eyes and quick strikes.

They provide invaluable support to fighters and travel the countryside singing the praises of famous heroes.

Tales of heroic kings battling ancient dragons and valiant monks defeating hundreds of foes make their way into folklore through the riveting stories told by archers. "

"With their powerful eyes and refined archery skills, Snipers are deadly at long distances.

Snipers are experts at sharpshooting.

No matter how far away a Sniper’s target may be, they will not be able to avoid their deadly arrows."

"Beast Masters are archers who are close to nature and have a strong relationship with animals, caring for the

environment and their wildlife friends.

Wherever a Beast Master might be, animals always reply to their call and gladly fight for them. A record from the King’s Ancient Library recounts a time when all the animals in Beuritania cried sorrowfully after the great Beast Master Jucibird died."

Beast Master