Elementalist is one of the avilable classes for a mage to change into at level 30, the following guide covers how to become an Elementalist. The Elementalist class change can be very expensive, depending on how lucky you are. It would be extremely helpful to have the Gathering, Mining and Composition skills for this quest, or you can expect to spend a while asking to buy materials from other players.

Quest StepsEdit

  1. Talk to Estaroje in Mage Town. She will ask you to bring her one of each elemental seed; Aqua, Wind, Fire, Earth. You can either obtain these from the Herbal Farm (Found in Ozi Village, Amakusa or Seren Meadows) via the Gathering skill or you can buy these from other players who may be selling them in the Flea Market. If you choose to get them from Gathering, you need to use Garden Shovels to gather from Imperial Herbs. The seeds can be rare so it may take a while.
  2. You must then obtain 5 Flawed Elementiriums. Again, these can be purchased from other players, but the primary way to get these is to get 5 Elestone (Regular) from Imperial Mineral Veins in the Mining Cave (found in Balderan, Balderan Mining Village, and Serien) using Shovels, and then with each 5 Elestones, take them to a composition station, and compose them into a Flawed Elementirium. This method requires the Mining and Composition skills.
  3. Next, you simply have to go kill 30 B.H Pikemen, which can be found between Amakusa and Amakusa Bridge.
  4. Finally, Estaroje sends you to kill 2 Wasablancas, which are the boss monster of Amakusa and found on Amakusa Bridge.

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