"Long ago, there were people who questioned and studied a supernatural phenomena called magic.

As time passed, the knowledge of magic continued to develop and great mages began to appear.

With their skills they handled the elements of every material in the world and helped the people flourish.

But their skills were not always used for peaceful purposes. While their extreme mental abilities make them deadly in combat, Mages are weak melee fighters."


"Magic involves working with the four kinds of elementsknow n to exist in Beuritania.

Elementalists specialize in the study of these elements. Their magic is strong enough to change the weather and even land itself.

The ancient king of Beuritania called Melin III was said to be an Elementalist.

It is said that during his regime the land benefitted from a succession of bountiful harvests."

"Since the appearance of mages, some have tried to communicate with the elements , rather than harness and use their energy.

These mages ultimately made a great discovery and succeeded in communicating with the spirit within each element.

These specialized mages are called Summoners. They can call forth spirits of the four elements, control and use them to complement their magic power or send them into battle.

The ultimate summoning magic is Meteo, a terror to everyone in Beuritania."