The Mage

Ahh the good ol mage is able to cast many types of spells such as your basic elements wind water fire etc.

The mage has alot of mp but can be drained due to alot of magic use.

Stat Builds - Summoner Build(2 INT, 2 spr),(3 INT, 1 spr) - Elementalist Build(2 INT, 2 spr),(3 INT, 1 spr)

The Summoner

The summoner is a class able to summon fairys and make them target their opponent, some fairys are able to increase certain element damage such as all the elements in the game.

The summoner is a useful class for any party just like the paladin.

The summoners builds - (2 INT, 2 spr),(3 INT, 1 spr)

- (2 INT, 2 spr) Pros - Higher defence(Although you have fairys to protect you) Cons - Probaly a very pointless build since fairys are to protect you.

- (3 INT, 1 spr) Pros - Higher elemental attacks - Fairys can deal better damage. Cons - Lower health

Also VERY HIGHLY recommended ...FULL INT or your mage would be a noob

The Elementalist

The elementalist is an mage with more advance magic elemental skills this class get deal very hefty damage because of there skills.

The elementalist is a really good pvp charater because 4 shots could take someone down quicker for non based DEX charaters.

The elementalist builds (2 INT, 2 spr),(3 INT, 1 spr)

- (2 INT, 2 spr) Pros - High defence - High Health points Cons - Low magic attacks

- (3 INT, 1 spr) Pros - Higher attack - Less hits too take someone down Cons - Low Health - Low Defence

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