The Monk

The monk is a melee class able to use its fists and legs simply by attaching a knuckle guard youll be able to inflict more damage to your opponent.

Stat Builds - Fighter Build(FULL STR),(3 STR,1 SPR) - Counter Build(2 STR, 2 SPR),(2 STR, 2 SPR)

The Shaolin (Previously "Fighter")

The Shaolin uses his legs more then his arms and very powerful at the same time,Shaos are very straight foward they do alot more damage and still take as much as it hits.

The Shaolins builds - (FULL STR), (3 STR,1 SPR)

- (FULL STR) Pros - Really high attack - Finish an monster before it gets to you Cons| - Lower health - Lower defence

- (3 STR,1 SPR) Pros - More defence - More health to keep you in battles Cons - Lower attack might take more shots to kill a monster

The Counter

The Counter is a melee class able to counter enemies attacks by getting ready for the enemy to make its move.

The Counter can really give off heavy blows but if it fails you'll get hurt very badly.

The Counters builds - (2 STR, 2 SPR) , (3 STR, 1 SPR)

- (2 STR, 2 SPR) Pros - Able to take more damage and lower from screw ups when doing counters Cons - Lower attacks

- (3 STR, 1 SPR) Pros - Higher attack - Expect a very high hit from a counter Cons - Get hurt really bad from screw ups