"Young adventurers in Beuritania leave their home town to accomplish their dream, to test their Bravery and explore the far reaches of an exciting and challenging world.

But with youth comes inexperience. Novice adventurers don’t understand how dangerous Beuritania can be and some lose their way in the dark, deep forests.

Those who survive gain experience and know-how from their journeys and eventually become masters of each class. These adventurers become professionals and continue their risky adventures deeper inside the continent."


A Novice

The Novice is every user's starting class. This class gains no class-specific skills, and has no particular traits.
Some basic skills are learned as a Novice, such as Dash, Double Jump, Strong Attack and Mining, but these (and other skills) can be learned at any point.

Novices may only use Novice armours and weapons, most of which can be purchases from stores in Popola.

Upon reaching level 10, a Novice can choose to change class to either Warrior, Archer, Mage, Rogue, Monk or Priest.

Novices can enter PvP Arenas but only in Novice-Only rooms, and they cannot enter Battle Fields such as Capture the Flag or Deathmatch.