The "Novice" is your starting class. Many important skills are learned while in this class such as "Double Jump" and "Dash". If you don't get them when the Quests are available, you can buy either of these skills for 3,000 gold & 100 WSP each from Duinuke.

Novice Builds:Edit

Full STR -- Best for damage dealing, but very poor defense, expect to use lots of HP Potions or Food with this build, or be prepared to party with a Priest a lot.

Full SPR -- High hitpoints and defense, but low attack damage. This class will minimise the use of Healing items/Skills.

STR 2 : SPR 2 -- A balanced build for those who want to be balanced with their offense and defense.
STR 3 : SPR 1 -- This build favours the people who will want high damage but don't want to have to use quite as many Healing items/Skills as the Full STR build.

There is never any need for DEX or INT on a Novice class, as neither serves any purpose.

Playing as a Novice will be more difficult than anyone that gets a class change at level 10, because you won't have any of the advantages that those classes get, including skills, armour, and weapons. However this can make it more of an 'achievement' to reach higher levels, in knowing that you had to work much harder to reach those levels.

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