Upon reaching level 30 as a Warrior, you can take the 2nd class change quest from Maskman in Warrior School in Amakusa. One of the options for the Warrior 2nd class change is Paladin. These are the steps for the second class change to become a Paladin:

  1. Kill 20 B.H Pikemen; these can be found on maps to the right of Amakusa
  2. Talk to Maskman, and he will send you to talk to Fiona in Saint Bashura in Serien.
  3. Fiona will ask you to collect 20 Teruterubots for her, these are dropped by monsters around Amakusa (excluding Crows, Ghost Ninjas, and Wasablanca).
  4. She then asks you to collect 10 Broken Arrows, these are also dropped by the same monsters around Amakusa.
  5. Finally, she asks you to get 1 Elementirium in exchange for the Paladin Certification. Elementirium can be mined using the Mining skill or created using Elestones using the Composition skill.
  6. Return to Maskman in Warrior School in Amakusa to complete your second class change.

Note: If you lose, drop, or sell the Paladin Certification, you must give a 2nd Advanced Class License to Fiona in Saint Bashura to get another Certification</color>