"With magic both warm and respectable, Priests cure the wounded and help make the world safe.

Everyone admires them for their benevolent work.

But, when angered, Priests can channel the power of God and strike fear in the hearts of the people. Some even move to the dark side with a distorted and blind belief in God."


"Bishops are highly honored Priests, who are able to receive holy blessings from God and cure large groups of party members. Bishops are admired by other Priests and the general population.

With their blessing skill, Bishops can fully heal individual party members and even perform miracles such as resurrecting the dead."


"Dark Priests pursue their religious beliefs in different ways. Dark Priests use dark and cold magic to wield influence and damage foes.

Since their power is based on their firm and sometimes maniacal belief in God, Dark Priests can be dangerous and unstable.

It is said that a Dark Priest may lose his mind to these fearsome forces and become a lich."

Dark Priest