Upon reaching level 10, should a user opt to become a Priest, they need to go to talk Fiona in Saint Bashura, which is in Serien.

Quest StepsEdit

The Priest class change is very simple, and only has one main step to it, but is split into several parts as follows:-

  1. Kill 40 Flying Peaches, which are found on maps to the left of Ozi Village in Marble Mountain.
  2. Obtain 5 Monkey Hat Trinkets from Monkey Soldiers. These are found on maps to the right of Ozi Village in Marble Mountain.
  3. Purchase or obtain an Advanced Class License, which can be purchased from the weapon store in Saint Bashura, or any weapon shop within a class area (For example Warrior School, Monk Temple or Mage Town. The advanced class license costs 100 Gold and 100 WSP.

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