"Born thieves, Rogues deal deadly critical damage to their enemies in darkness or shadow, often stealing valuable things to make money.

A dark night without the moon is a perfect night for Rogues, on these nights watch your back for a poisoned dagger.

While ignoble, the power and stealthiness of Rogues make them invaluable allies in battle."

"Professional killers, Assassins strike fear into the hearts of people across Beuritania with their ability to kill nearly any target quickly and silently.

Little is known about these dangerous Rogues, but legend has it that a famous Assassin successfully killed a red dragon while the beast slept."

"Always seen carrying various traps with a smell of gunpowder, a Trapper’s patience and persistence guarantee they will always be able to capture their target. Enemies targeted by a Trapper will never be able to escape their pursuer.

It is said that the genius Trapper Cabin understood the principle of trapping better than all others. Those that have been foolish enough to break into his house have met their end in a truly terrible fashion"