The QuestEdit

Once you become level 10, you can take the Rogue Class Change quest from the Shadow Guildhall in Balderan Mining Village in Balderan Mining Area.

The following is the steps to complete the Rogue Class Change quest.

  1. Talk to Pitsher in the Shadow Guildhall.
  2. Collect 10 Pork which is dropped from Dumpling Pigs around the left maps of Marble Mountain, and 10 Monkey Hat Trinkets, which are dropped by Monkey Soldiers on the right maps of Marble Mountain, and you also have to defeat 5 Monkey Sergeants, which are found near to the Monkey Soldiers.
  3. Next, once you have all of the above items, you must also obtain an Advanced Class License which can be purchased from any weapon store for 1,000 gold and 100 WSP.
  4. Take all of the above items back to Pitsher in the Shadow Guildhall to complete the Rogue class change,

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