If you're a Monk, when you reach level 30, one of the options for the level 30 class change is the Shaolin.
To become a Shaolin, a user must go talk to Gang-Gun in the Monk Temple in Ozi Village and follow the steps outlined below to complete the quests given to become a Shaolin.

Quest StepsEdit

The Shaolin Class Change is very short in comparison to other 2nd class change quests, and has only 3 steps as follows:-

  1. Kill 10 Scrap Iron Golems. These can be found in Balderan, between the city of Balderan and Steel Cliff.
  2. Kill 20 B.H Samurai, these are found on the maps between Amakusa and Amakusa Bridge.
  3. Take a 2nd Advanced Class License to Gang-Gun in the Monk Temple, which can be purchased from the weapon store in the Monk Temple for 1,000 Gold and 1,000 WSP.

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