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"Novice adventurers refine their skills by learning from one of the many class masters. Among the classes, the Warrior is the key combat specialist with high


A Warrior

defense, stamina and melee power.

They are an incarnation of bravery and tenacity.

Warriors can wear the strongest armors in Beuritania. They use swords and shields to fight at the forefront of any group. Warriors are essential in parties and excellent in PvP with their high stamina and melee skills" warriors are the best choice for starters"

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Warriors are a melee class and use a Sword to attack opponents, and are the only class that are able to use Shields for additional defense.

The Warrior class has very High HP and Physical Defense, but very low MP.

Upon reaching level 30, a Warrior can choose to either become a Berserker or a Paladin.

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